Air conditioning recycling
Air conditioning recycling

Air conditioning recycling

Air conditioners contain hazardous elements that require you to properly dispose of them when you no longer need the AC unit. If you have an old AC to dispose of, Junk Removal London can help you.

We offer air conditioning systems collection and recycling services to businesses. Our professionals collect and recycle all types of AC units, including central systems, VRV and VRF systems, and single and multi-split ACs.

We have a license from The Environmental Agency to collect and recycle hazardous items, including air conditioners. Junk Removal London also has an Authorised Treatment Facility or ATF for electrical waste.

Our waste management service covers loading, disposing and recycling air conditioning units. We prioritise recycling to remove HFCs, CFCs and HCFCs contained in air conditioners.

Our staff are well-trained and experienced in handling all air conditioning systems. We will issue you a hazardous waste consignment note upon collection of your air conditioner.

How our air conditioner collection and disposal service works

You can access our air conditioner collection and disposal services in the following steps.

  • Step 1

Contact us and send photos, including details of your air conditioner. Ensure you also provide your address and inform our team about access restrictions.

  • Step 2

Get a quote for the air conditioner collection, disposal and recycling.

  • Step 3

We will arrange for your air conditioner collection with our experienced staff and secure transportation if you accept the quote.

  • Step 4

Our professionals will load the air conditioner into our van and give you a hazardous waste consignment note.

  • Step 5

We will remove the hazardous foam and liquid in the AC unit for treatment. After removing the hazardous substances, our experts will feed the remaining unit into an automated plant to remove the materials used to make the unit.

  • Step 6

After recycling the unit, we will give you a recycling certificate.

Why choose Junk Removal London

  • We provide paperwork for junk and waste removals
  • We are a licensed waste management company
  • Our staff are well trained and experienced
  • We recycle all recyclable items
  • We are based in London
  • We offer fast waste and junk removal services

You can contact Junk Removal London on 020 37450967 to book our air conditioner collection and recycling services.

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