Hazardous waste disposal and collection
Hazardous waste disposal and collection

Hazardous waste disposal and collection

At London Rubbish Clearance, we offer waste collection and disposal services for business and residential properties. You can trust us to collect and dispose of hazardous waste in London, and we do not dispose of hazardous waste in landfills. Most of the waste we collect gets recycled

If your company doesn’t produce up to 500kg of hazardous waste annually, you don’t have to register with the Environmental agency. However, you need to dispose of it safely.

Waste we collect and why they are hazardous

We collect all waste materials, and some are hazardous.

  • Paint - contains chemicals such as metals and solvents that may get absorbed by groundwater when you dispose of it in landfills. These chemicals can contaminate groundwater.
  • Asbestos is naturally occurring in the environment. When you breathe in high quantities of asbestos fibre, it increases your risk of asbestos-related diseases. When transporting and disposing of asbestos, we ensure it meets The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006
  • Fluorescent lamps and tubes –contain mercury in small amounts. High levels of mercury have adverse health effects.
  • Some smoke and heat sensors –contain small amounts of AM241 Americium (a radioactive rare earth metal which doesn’t need contact) and RA226 Radium (the highly radioactive form of Radium).
  • Batteries are hazardous when dumped in the ground and may leak into groundwater, posing health risks.

If you want to dispose of hazardous materials in London, contact London Rubbish Clearance on 020 37450854. We specialise in the safe collection and disposal of hazardous waste.

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