Office fit-out waste
Office fit-out waste

Office fit-out waste

The issue of sustainability has become more than a trend, and as many people and businesses realise the importance of sustainability, it becomes important to take more steps to support sustainable living.

Sustainability in the workplace goes beyond having a few plants in the office but opting for ways that significantly impact preserving the environment. As many employees spend most of their time, they look for ways to foster sustainability in their workplace.

An eco-office fit-out is an excellent solution for businesses prioritising green and eco-friendly practices. Putting green office solutions in the workplace can enhance safe environmental impact, changing how the workplace functions and reducing the office's carbon footprint.

What is an eco-office fit-out?

Eco-office fit-outs are green commercial interiors, including reusable fabrics and materials and eco-friendly designs to improve energy efficiency. Sustainable office fit-outs also include solutions that reduce waste and pollution from the workplace.

You can opt for a biophilic design that purifies oxygen levels in the office, reduce CO2 emission and allow staff to enjoy the benefits of nature.

Important features of a sustainable office fit-out

Every workplace is unique, but certain features are vital in most eco-office designs. The following are common green office solutions.

  • Living walls

Living walls allow fresh air into a workspace. Besides looking great, the plants can reduce CO2 levels produced in the office.

  • Sustainable fabrics

Using sustainable fabrics for furniture in the office can reduce the volume of waste that goes to landfill.

  • Carbon-neutral carpet tiles

Updating flooring in your office can create an eco-friendly workspace. You can consider getting a 100% recyclable nylon tile. These tiles are carbon neutral throughout the product's life cycle.

  • Decorative bark feature wall

A textured bark wall brings outside into your workspace. A decorative bark featured wall is handcrafted with natural and eco-friendly materials.

  • LED office lighting

You can swap your existing fluorescent office lighting for LED lightning. This saves energy and has a softer flow to reduce eye strain, headaches and other issues common in offices.

Cost of eco-office fit out

If you want to upgrade your office or workspace with a green office fit-out, you would want to know the cost of the upgrade. However, you have to consider your budget in choosing eco-friendly office fit-outs.

Fits-outs account for about 40% of energy in a building, and over 300 tonnes of office materials get dumped in landfills yearly.

If you want to upgrade your office fit-outs to green options, you need to dispose of the old fit-outs. This may be a tasking job, but Junk Removal London can handle your office fit-out waste disposal.

If you want to safely and ethically dispose of office fit-out waste, contact Junk Removal London on 020 37450967 to book our services.

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