WEEE disposal and recycling
WEEE disposal and recycling

WEEE disposal and recycling

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE waste) is one of the most common wastes in the works, but their safe disposal and recycling is a huge challenge the planet faces.

Different WEEE wastes are available, and with technological advancements, more WEEE waste is being produced. WEEE include the following.

  • Routers
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • UPS batteries
  • Printers
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Mobile phones
  • Switches

WEEE recycling is a safe and eco-friendly method for disposing of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE. Electronic and electrical equipment includes anything that works with batteries or has a plug.

The 2012 WEEE directive states that manufacturers and distributors of WEEE are financially responsible for the impact of their products on the environment, especially when they get disposed of.

Arranging for responsible recycling of electronics is easy. You can contact Junk Removal London to take care of your WEEE recycling in London. We offer exceptional WEEE recycling to keep the environment safe.

Which items are under the WEEE category?

WEEE ranges from household to non-household items. It includes small and large household appliances, IT equipment, automatic dispensers, medical equipment and lighting equipment.

Devices available in the market before 2005 are historic WEEE, and those available after 2005 are non-historic WEEE. In the past, only the manufacturers of electronic equipment were responsible for the equipment’s disposal, but since 2005, the responsibility is on both manufacturers and distributors of the electronic equipment.

WEEE includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consumer equipment
  • IT and telecommunications equipment
  • Small household equipment
  • Electronic and electrical tools
  • Large household appliances
  • Medical devices
  • Automatic dispensers
  • Monitoring and control instrument
  • Toys, sports and leisure equipment

People affected by WEEE regulations

  • Retailers
  • Business users
  • Householders
  • Local authorities
  • Waste management industry
  • Operators of producer compliance schemes
  • Manufacturers, re-branders and importers

Importance of proper WEEE waste disposal

Electrical waste contains harmful chemicals. These chemicals negatively affect the environment. They include lead, mercury, arsenic, and non-biodegradable materials such as glass, metals and plastics.

When dumped in landfills without treatment, end-of-life electronic equipment decay and leaks toxins into groundwater and the earth, eventually entering our food chain and affecting our health.

Materials such as metals, glass and plastic do not decay for many years. In most cases, they remain intact for thousands of years, causing serious damage to the ecosystem, environment and health.

WEEE recycling is important to ensure the electronics are dismantled for spare parts, recycled or refurbished by experienced technicians. This prevents disruption of the ecosystem and harm to our health.

WEEE, such as hard drives, require secure destruction following the Date Protection Act of 2018 and DOD standards.

How to comply with WEEE regulations

Recycling and properly disposing of WEEE waste is necessary for everyone involves in handling WEEE, from manufacturers to importers, retailers and end-users. All businesses must dispose of their electronic waste correctly, as failing to meet the WEEE disposal requirement results in huge fines and even imprisonment.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, importer or end-user of WEEE, you can contact Junk Removal London to ensure you comply with WEEE regulations. Our WEEE disposal and recycling service are affordable and convenient.

WEEE waste collection and recycling in London

Junk Removal London is a reliable WEEE collection and recycling company. We collect and recycle electronic and electrical equipment from households and businesses. Our professional WEEE waste disposal and recycling service helps our clients and preserves the environment.

If you need an affordable and efficient solution for your WEEE Collection and recycling, Junk Removal London is the right choice. We respond quickly to clients, offering efficient and stress-free WEEE waste disposal.

We work with reputable recycling facilities, and dumping in landfills is always the last option. Our experienced and well-trained staff will be on time to collect your WEEE waste.

We aim to stand out in the waste management industry by recovering, reusing and recycling different products.

Why choose us for your WEEE waste collection and recycling?

  • We have a license for waste disposal from ISO 14001, ISO9001, and the Environmental Agency and SafeContractor accredited
  • We work with recyclers to ensure proper treatment of WEEE waste following the current legislation. This helps to foster a clean environment and ensures you are fully compliant
  • We offer affordable waste management services
  • Our services cover confidential document disposal, computer and IT disposal

Call Junk Removal London today on 020 37450967 to book our WEEE disposal and recycling services.

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