Bulky waste collection
Bulky waste collection

Bulky waste collection

If you need to remove bulky waste, garden waste and large items from your property, Junk Removal can handle this task efficiently. We dispose of bulky and large household items using sustainable and efficient options, allowing you have more valuable space on your property.

We specialise in bulky waste collection, and our services are affordable and easily accessible. You will only pay for the amount of waste we collect, making our bulky waste collection ideal for those who want to remove only a few bulky items.

We collect a wide range of bulky items and properly dispose of them. Contact us if you want to dispose of white goods, garden refuse, mattresses, sofas, wood and junk from a DIY project or an old washing machine, and our professional removal team will handle it. After the bulky waste collection, we will recycle or dispose of it safely, conveniently and responsibly.

What is a bulky waste collection?

Bulky waste collection is a special waste removal service offered by charities, local councils and private waste management companies. This service ensures removing large and bulky items from commercial and residential properties.

Junk Removal London offers bulky waste collection services to make removing large items easy and stress-free. With our bulky waste collection service, you dint have to worry about carrying large items or getting a suitable vehicle to transport heavy items to a recycling centre.

Disposing of large items

Disposing of large, bulky items like fridges, mattresses, and sofas is usually a difficult and stressful process. Several charities and local councils offer bulky waste collection services but have restrictions on the items they can remove. Getting your local council or charities to remove your bulky waste may take several months.

Most councils charge for bulky waste collections, but they do not guarantee proper disposal of your bulky waste. Most items collected by local councils end up in landfills due to the high demand for bulky waste collection services.

However, Junk Removal London offers quick and efficient bulky waste collection and disposal services. We collect bulky waste from any location in London and recycle them, ensuring a hassle-free bulky waste collection.

Our expert removal team collects a wide range of waste and offers several waste management services. Whether you need garage clearance, clearance after a house renovation or disposal of old, unwanted items, our professionals will handle it easily. With Junk Removal, you are sure of responsible waste collection and disposal following the waste regulations.

Stress-free bulky waste collection

We have vans to carry multiple bulky wastes. Our bulky waste collection includes mattress disposal, fridge removal, and furniture waste removal. If you have other bulky waste, you can contact our team, and we will collect it, including wardrobes, cupboards and washing machines.

We collect the following:

  • Mattresses
  • Fridges and freezers
  • One seat sofa
  • General waste in bin bags
  • 2-seater and 3-seater sofa
  • Tumbler dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Table and desk
  • Large furniture, including bed frame, wardrobe, vanity desk and cupboard
  • Bike
  • Large electronic items such as vacuum cleaner
  • Large garden waste

We also collect hazardous waste, including:

  • Loose rubble
  • Paint
  • Plasterboard
  • Batteries

If the items you want to dispose of are in good condition, sending the items to someone who can use them is a good idea instead of disposing of the items. Many charities accept old household items, and some will offer to collect the items from your property.

If the item isn’t reusable or you don’t want to concern yourself with finding a new home for it, you can contact Junk Removal London to help,

We can offer a same-day bulky waste collection if you book our services before noon. We also collect waste and unwanted items on weekends and evenings at an added cost.

Why choose us to collect your bulky waste?

Junk Removal London offers quick, efficient and affordable bulky waste removal and collection services suitable for commercial and residential properties. Our bulky waste collection services allow you to remove large household items, such as unwanted furniture and mattresses.

We have a van to transport bulky items, a better option than forcing the bulky item into your car for disposal. We offer same-day collections, and you can contact us for urgent collections.

You can get rid of any bulky item within a few hours instead of waiting several hours or a skip or dealing with long queues at the recycling facility. Our bulky waste collection is a cheaper option, and you will only pay for the amount of your waste that fills our truck.

Contact Junk Removal London on 020 37450967 for a simple way to dispose of your bulky waste.

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