Electrical appliance disposal
Electrical appliance disposal

Electrical Appliance Disposal in London

Modern technology has given us several appliances, from electric toothbrushes to washing machines, tablets, phones and computers. While some people always update their electrical appliances, others are a little reluctant to keep up with the updates.

Regardless of the category you are in, you will have to dispose of old or unwanted appliances at some point. Electrical appliance disposal is a huge task as it involves certain steps to prevent releasing harmful substances into the environment.

With the market saturation for phones reached several years ago and over 27 million phones produced yearly, many phones also require disposal.

Most electrical appliances are made from a combination of metal and plastic, including small amounts of materials that are harmful to the environment. Most of these electrical appliances are recyclable to some extent, while others are reusable.

People who need second-hand products and some charity organisations may need unwanted electrical appliances that are still functional.

If you have electrical appliances that you no longer use, your first option shouldn’t be disposing of them. If the appliance still works, you can find a new home for it, but if it isn’t functional, recycling may be possible.

Recycling items like washing machines is easy. Most washing machines have largely metal casings chassis and drums, while the electric motor windings are copper. However, logic boards and circuits made with plastic are more difficult to recycle.

Smaller electrical devices like laptops, tablets and phones are largely recyclable. But, WEEE (waste electrical and end of life equipment) and IT such as televisions, phones, tablets, and computers do not require disposal in general waste.

Some electrical appliance manufacturers offer value to customers for old appliances to enhance recycling.

Before recycling your electrical appliances, you may consider selling those that still function properly. You can sell the appliance on Gumtree and eBay or donate them to charity shops that accept fairly used electrical items.

New fix and repair clubs have been opening in the country since the lockdown. These repair clubs inspired by TV programmes such as Repair Shop are becoming popular for several reasons.

  • Repairing items save more money than you would have spent getting a new device.
  • Repairing and refurbishing old electrical appliances is more sustainable, preventing the appliance from going to landfills.
  • People involved in the repair can learn new skills
  • You get value for your money while preserving the environment

If repairing or reusing isn’t an option for your electrical appliance, you can contact Junk Removal London to dispose of the old appliances properly. We help make your electrical appliance disposal easy.

What happens when we collect electrical appliances?

  • Some get reused
  • Some undergo recycling
  • We treat those that aren’t recyclable or reusable before sending them to the landfill

Junk Waste Removal offers other services besides electrical appliance removal, such as WEEE disposal, commercial waste and household clearance services.

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