Guide on loft clearance for a cleaner attic
Sep 30,2022

Guide on loft clearance for a cleaner attic

Many people tidy their basements, garages and other spaces often. However, the same can’t be said for their loft. Most people neglect to keep their loft tidy, which is understandable because not many people want to spend time in a dark attic with cobwebs and other creepy things.  

Some circumstances or projects make people remember to use the extra space in their loft. It could be a loft conversion or moving to a new house. Regardless of the circumstances, things in the loft have to be cleared out.

While your loft clearance may seem daunting, the tips below will make clearing your loft easier.

  • Create a detailed loft clearance plan

The first thing you should do is make a plan. You can’t go into your attic just to throw things away. Decide the amount of work needed, figure out how much time you need to finish the task, and pick a day for the loft clearance.

Skipping in this step sets you up for an incomplete loft clearance because clearing your loft can make you tired without a plan.

  • Place your belongings in categories

Organising and categorising your belongings are key to making the task easier. Consider categorising your belongings into – keep, sell, throw and gift boxes. This prevents leaving out some things you may want to throw out or keep.  

When separating items, be conscious about spending a long time deciding on the item you want to keep because you may end up keeping piles of stuff you do not need.

  • Get waste bins and bags

A few waste bins and bags will not be enough to clear out items from your loft. Ensure you stock up on big waste disposal bins and black bags if you want an easy loft clearance. Opt for bags made from more sturdy materials and those with handles. You don’t want to spend hours stuffing bags and have the bag spill its content while taking it to the collection point.

  • Prioritise safety

Different things can go wrong with your loft items. Most lofts have issues like pointy nails, flickering light bulbs and hanging electricity cables, so be careful when moving things. Avoid touching wires and mind your step. Get a torchlight or headlamp if you have a bad lighting system in the loft.

  • Get assistance

If you want to complete the loft faster, you will need help. You can ask a friend or family member for assistance because having more hands will make carrying heavier items easy and faster. Getting help for your loft clearance is a requirement you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Avoid getting emotionally attached

You must take this point seriously if you want to complete your loft clearance within the planned time. Any item you do not need shouldn’t go into the ‘keep’ box. If the item is still functional, you can put it in the gift or sell category.

Getting emotionally attached to items in your attic will make you keep most items you do not need. While there are some old items you can’t part with, don’t spend a long time going through things you no longer need.

  • Dispose of unwanted items professionally

Avoid keeping your unwanted items lying around your waste bin. You can opt for recycling at the nearest recycling facility for proper disposal. This may mean spending a longer time on waste disposal, but it helps preserves the environment.

  • Hire a professional removal company

A loft clearance requires a lot of preparation and time. However, there is an easier option to clear your loft and create more valuable space in your home. You can hire a professional London waste removal company to handle the task.  

A reputable junk removal company in London will have professionals who will transform your loft within a few hours.

You can contact Junk Removal London for your loft clearance. Our team will carefully remove, transport and dispose of items in your loft. We will work with you, keeping all items you hold dear and disposing or recycling those you do not need.

Feel free to call Junk Removal London on 020 3745 0967 to book our loft clearance service in London or for more information on our services.

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