How to get the best search results for your rubbish removal on search engines
Oct 03,2022

How to get the best search results for your rubbish removal on search engines

The Adword Keywords Planner Tool shows that the phrase “Rubbish Removal” is googled about 15,000 times per month in the UK. However, we advise that you don’t use this phrase to search for rubbish disposal since you may not get search results that are useful. And we will show you 8 reasons why we are discouraging you from Google searching “rubbish removal” and the phrases you should use instead.

  1. Rubbish type
  2. Service type
  3. Volume of waste
  4. Where the rubbish is located
  5. Rubbish removal in London and the physical description of your waste
  6. Budget
  7. How regular rubbish is removed
  8. Home or office

Rubbish type

There is no sufficient definition when “rubbish” is used together with removal to search for waste disposal services on Google. This appears to be the bulk of the problem with the search phrase. Getting an ideal waste disposal company will mostly come down to your rubbish type. There is a clear-cut difference between removing building waste and having paper waste collected to be recycled.

Building waste may use a skip hire or man and van services, while paper waste may require bags or wheelie bins for collection. The term “rubbish” is a general word for anything waste. However, waste collectors have specific waste they dispose of. There are those that focus on removing household items and others that co-concentrate on only commercial waste.

The next time you Google search waste removal, be specific about your waste type. You should use these search phrases in place of rubbish removal in London:

  • Office clearance
  • Sofa disposal
  • Bulky waste clearance
  • Furniture removal
  • Biological waste
  • Fly-tipped waste
  • Commercial bin waste
  • Building waste disposal
  • Trade waste collection
  • DIY waste
  • Toxic waste removal
  • WEEE disposal
  • Mixed general waste
  • Garden waste removal

Service type

There are different services needed for waste disposal. A removal service will involve getting a team to come to remove your waste at once. You may decide to first hold the waste in a container like a wheelie bin or skip bag. Sometimes, you may think of disposing of the waste on your own, and it would be inexpensive.

How about getting a rubbish clearance where you hire a hand to gather and haul your waste from within your premises or behind the garden? There is also the option of a bulky waste collection where the waste is removed outside your property. Again, there are wastes that require disassembling to pass via an opening and out to be disposed of. How about confidential waste disposal where the item is trashed in a special way?

Volume of waste

The quantity of waste determines what can be done with it. If you have a couple of rubbish plus an old fridge to dispose of, the right term for this disposal is junk removal. Where you have a whole site littered with building waste that needs removal, then “site clearance rubbish” is a much better term.

Where the rubbish is located

The location of the rubbish you need removed matters. Some may be right inside the building. Others may be outside the property. Don’t forget that most local councils and waste companies may prefer to clear from the outside instead of inside. The reason for this may vary from price, and DBS check, to lower insurance risks. Should you be seeking for your waste to be cleared from within, use the adjective “internal” or choose phrases such as house clearance or office clearance.

Rubbish removal in London and the physical description of your waste

Except you need a service that covers the entire country, which will imply you put the word “nationwide”, then you need to add a local area to your Google search like South London rubbish removal. This will streamline your search results to just waste collectors in your local area. It can be disappointing to discover after searching for a suitable waste collector that they are resident in a different country or outside your local area. What you should do is add more information to your search because London is a big city, for example, “Hampshire skip hire”, and your search results will show providers that are very close to your local area.


Sometimes you need zero-cost waste disposal. There are times you are ready to pay to get your waste removed. In the first case, if you are a homeowner and the local council in your area takes care of your waste needs, then you need to include the exact thing you want to dispose to your search query in addition to your city or postcode, for instance, “free fridge disposal Chelsea”.

How regular rubbish is removed

Do you run a one-off or recurring waste removal? Many waste collectors are specialists in either of these options. This means that the contractor who is more suitable for trade waste removal may not be suitable for a special man and van rubbish disposal. Should you need your rubbish to be cleared steadily, the appropriate search query to type is “trade waste disposal” or “commercial waste collection”. Make sure to include your local area in the phrase.

Home or office

If you own a house, your waste can go into the council tip - you get to pay nothing for this. Even your household waste can be trashed at zero cost. You may leverage the low rate for bulky waste collection provided by the council.

If you run a business, you need to pay for your waste clearance. At times you may be excluded following your type of council. Alternatively, you may opt for private waste collectors. Another important thing you should do as a business is to be sure that your waste disposal is legally done, and this is no small task. However, Junk Removal London offers responsible waste disposal London, and we can help your business comply with the waste removal regulations.

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