How you can save the world with your garden waste
Sep 12,2022

How you can save the world with your garden waste

Recycling garden waste is one of the important ways to save the planet. About 27% of household waste is green waste and can be recycled to prevent adverse environmental effects.

The three Rs apply to all aspects of life, including our gardens. A study has reported that each household in the UK produces 288kg of green waste yearly. While households produce several tonnes of waste annually, 3% of these household wastes go to compost.

You can turn your potato peels and hedge trimmings into compost to grow vegetables. Besides getting a rewarding feeling from growing your vegetable and saving money, growing fresh vegetables reduces the plastic packaging needed for selling produce in supermarkets.

Greenpeace UK has reported that supermarkets in the UK produce 1.2 billion plastic bags yearly for packing vegetables and fruits. This equals 38,000 tonnes of plastic that will pollute the environment.

Growing produce in your garden from household compost prevents the emissions from processing and transporting foods from farms to supermarkets.

Composting garden waste and fighting global warming

Many people do not know the several benefits of making your compost on the environment. Making compost preserves peat bogs. Peat is a gradually decaying mass of plant matter found in bogs.

Generally, peatlands are the most efficient carbon-absorbing matter. They naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Peat bogs are essential in fighting climate change. The effect of peat bogs is so essential that the Scottish government spends more than £50 million yearly on their preservation.

Peat is commonly used for composting, and harvesting peat for compost can disrupt the ecosystem, releasing carbon gas into the atmosphere and preventing more carbon dioxide from getting absorbed.

By preserving garden waste, you will be preserving an essential part of the environment and helping protect a top way to naturally combat climate change.

Limitations to garden waste recycling

Recycling 100% of garden waste isn’t easy. In most parts of London, garden waste removals are once in two weeks. If you miss a day, you may need to find storage for the bin until the next month.

Some councils in London also charge for this service throughout the year, meaning you would be paying for a garden waste disposal in London that you do not need during some parts of the year, like in December.

Green waste removal doesn’t cover green waste clearance. It is often difficult to break down large waste like tree trunks to fit them into waste bins and drag the bags to the point of collection in front of your house.

Solutions for local green waste

Some waste management companies in London are fully equipped for garden waste collection and clearance. The upside of hiring experts for your garden waste clearance and removal is numerous, as you only pay for the waste you remove.

You don’t have to spend hours chopping tree trunks to fit into a special bag. The waste management experts will arrive at your property to clear and collect waste.

If you have garden waste and need a quick and easy disposal option, contact Junk Removal London today at 020 3745 0967.

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